Before you dive into all things cnscs_ (pronounced: conscious), we wanted to let you know what we are about. Cnscs_ is a passion project started by us – Masego Morgan and Stella Hertantyo. We started off as Instagram friends and met in early 2019.  We soon realised that we had a shared passion for all things sustainable life/style.

Conversations were shared, rambling voice notes were sent and lots of eco OOTD pictures were taken. Somewhere along the way, the idea for cnscs_ was born. Cnscs_ aims to be an open and inclusive space that inspires you to make more thoughtful and low-impact choices in your life and style, as we exist in a time where low-impact living is not only necessary, but imperative. Cnscs_ aims to equip you with knowledge that you can use to make the best choices to suit your situation.

Cnscs_ is a culmination of our sustainability journeys. The lessons we’ve learnt, the thoughts we’ve had, the people we have met and the businesses we are loving. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Look good, do good, and don’t break the bank while you’re at it.


Masego and Stella